Building a Mail Order Business

Learn how to run a mail order (direct marketing) business from home. Mail order firms span everything from the sale of how-to books, to catalogs containing specialty food products, to selling clothing over the Internet. It is a business that can easily be started on a shoestring from your kitchen table, but can also grow into a full-time occupation. Learn how to choose profitable products, locate suppliers, create advertising that attracts buyers, and fulfill orders quickly and easily. For more information about using Blackboard, visit and click on "complete the mandatory HCC Blackboard Orientation". Prerequisite: Internet expertise assumed. Textbook required. Transcript available. This is a Blackboard online course.

Materials Needed:
Textbook(s): Building a Mail Order Business by William Cohen, ISBN #: 0471109460 Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G. Allen, ISBN #: 0471410144 To view specific class dates, visit:

Institution: Harford Community College

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Building a Mail Order Business


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