Pre-School Curriculum/Activities: 45 Hours

DCR-531 (4.5 CEUs) This course introduces the basic concepts of curriculum/activities for children three through age six. This course will satisfy one half of the requirement for 90 hours of classroom training for directors and Child Care Teachers in Pre-School centers. Full attendance required. Text required at first class. Note: All online classes require at least one mandatory campus visit. Prerequisites: Child Growth and Development: 45 Hours or waiver from the Office of Child Care that you have met the first half of the 90 hours. Also students must successfully pass the reading comprehension placement test. See the Online section of the Prince George's Community College Noncredit schedule of classes for current offerings. This course uses Blackboard.

Materials Needed:
Textbook: Working with Young Children, by Judy Herr, Spring 2011, 7th edition Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Company

Institution: Prince George's Community College

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Pre-School Curriculum/Activities: 45 Hours