Child Care: 90 Hours

Prince George's Community College does offer the 90 hour Child Care Certificate. In order to complete your 90 hour certificate, you must register for two 45 hour courses. First you must take DCR 303- Child Growth and Development 45 Hours, followed by one of the following curriculum courses depending on what age group you want to work with: DCR-315 Infant/Toddler 45 Hours (birth - 2) DCR-531 Pre-School Curriculum/Activities (3-5years) DCR-456 School Age Curriculum (6-12years) You must complete both Child Growth and Development and one of the curriculum classes to complete your 90 Hour Certificate. Other courses of interest are: DCR 455- Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals (also a requirement to qualify for lead teacher), DCR 466 Child Care Administration for Directors, and DCR 510- Family Child Care Modules 24 Hours We offer our classes as both traditional classroom and online or hybrid classes. Our online and hybrid classes do have at least one mandatory campus visit associated with each class.

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Institution: Prince George's Community College

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Child Care: 90 Hours